the healthy millennial

"Millennials" get a really bad rap.

They say we're lazy, entitled, lack loyalty... and if you're like me, you think that's a bunch of b.s.!

The thing is, us 20 and 30-something women have MORE on our plate than ever before. 


Whether is be mommin’, workin’, wifen’, keeping up with our health, our finances, our families, our girlfriends, our house... the days of women staying at home and being in the background are over. I am not embarrassed to be a millennial, but more so PROUD of all of the advances and butt kicking women of our generation have made.

I say us millennial women are some of those most hard working, boundary pushing, innovative people I know! And girl, you better believe I support the HECK out of you pushing away from the "status quo" to chase your dreams and think outside the corporate box.

But with the shift in what women are capable of and all the new achievements and advances comes great responsibility. The phrase "finding balance" seems something we millennials are perpetually chasing as more is added to our world. Here's what I've come to realize as a 20-something millennial trying to figure out and balance all the things...

"Balance" does NOT exist. It truly, truly doesn't.


BUT I do know, us millennial women can do GREAT things when we have the right tribe & resources in our corner! Instead of finding "balance" we can learn to live fully in the season we're in by having the right tools to tackle what's in front of us. 

The Healthy Millennial was born out of a determination to show the world how amazing our generation of women really is while also giving YOU, my millennial friend, all the tricks & tricks to navigate anything from your health to your family to your job with a little more ease. 


While we may never achieve the perfect balance, this blog will give you the support, hope & the tools to get just a little bit better at juggling each day. And hey--life is much more fun with a tribe of women that have your back. You got this, girl! 


xoxo, Bri, The Healthy Millennial

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